I’m currently in San Antonio with Australian Boomers captain + Spurs point guard, Patty Mills. Saturday night we watched his game against the Phoenix Suns which they won & Patty got some good court time. We then went & celebrated Australia Day at a private party where I DJed for Patty, his fellow team mates from the Spurs & other Aussies who live near by. It was a cracker of a night eating meat pies, lamingtons & jamming out some classic Aussie tunes. It was crazy for me to be DJing to Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili & other big names, I swear I saw them singing along to some Crowded House jams haha.



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One Response to STRAYA DAY

  1. jarch21 says:

    Damn man thats awesome!!! Well done! What a crowd to dj to!

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